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The Most Powerful Thing you Can Do...

The Most Powerful Thing you Can Do...

... before they leave Primary school.


If you could give your students one big thing before they leave Primary school, something that would set them up well for Secondary learning, what would it be?

I know mine. Actually, two.

I would instill in students hope about the future, and the confidence to act on that future. 

I know that's two things, but in careers ed., they go hand-in-hand.

Hope comes from having a future you can imagine and understanding how to move towards that future. Confidence comes wrapped up in this, and is related to trying out new things, lots of new things, large and small. This leads to confidence that is akin to resilience.


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Hope and confidence are powerful tools for students at any age.

But if we are using BECOME in the Primary years, we're giving students these two powerful tools before they enter the more structured and focused learning of high school.

In high school, they'll make daily learning decisions and choices about experiences to try. These choices shape their future in many shifts, twists and turns. Hope and confidence help them to be open to opportunities as they take charge of their future, rather than staying passively in their lane.

We believe that all students should have a shot at a future that's designed by them - that's real student agency. The primary years are a critical window for getting them curious and active.

What would you give your students before they leave primary school?

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The BECOME Program is deliberately designed to place students in the driving seat of their own future. They explore careers as widely as possible, design and conduct an experiment into a career that excites them right now (and it is okay to change this - after all, we all change over time!)

They present their findings to their peers and learning community in an expo that builds excitement, engagement, and curiosity.

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Confidence comes from this, and from trying on enticing ideas for size.

  • Who might future me be?
  • What might be my place in the world?
  • How do I shape future me?


What could this approach do for your students?

Or for the students in your network transitioning to secondary?

Find out more via our Primary Educators' Info Pack or our case study videos here:


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