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Reimagining Careers Education


Animated graphic of an astronaut looking at two stars that are floating above her hands. She is smiling.

How to Design Your Future

BECOME and Clickview, the education and learning video specialists, are delighted to release the first three episodes in the new careers program, How...

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Talking to Students about Space Careers

Heard on a New York sidewalk:

“Pardon me,” the man says, “can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?”

“Yes,” answers the maestro. “Practice!”


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Funding a Career Test Doesn’t Mean You're doing Careers Education

Why and how tests should be used with caution, and in context.

This article by Liv Pennie was published in Education Today August 2022.


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A yougn woman in a black shirt seen from the back. She is in a grassy field looking at the horizon. There is a thoughtful mood to the photo.

3 min read

Making a Difference in the World (as long as it's in medicine or law)

I’m an optimist. But wow, that bubble has been a bit deflated reading the Monash Uni discussion paper, Young Women Choosing Careers: Who Decides?

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A screenshot of the app showing careers in the field Visual Arts

2 min read

Careers education is hope - A short case study

Recently, we received an email from an inspiring school who have just begun to use BECOME. The Liverpool Hospital School provides education for...

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Making maths real for life. A student plays in a net in a rope course

2 min read

Real Purpose

Lauren Passmore, Stage 3 Teacher, shares how she gets students really engaged with learning!

It’s your mathematics block.

You’ve poured hours into...

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Cultivating Curiosity

“Curiosity will conquer fear more than bravery will.” James Stephens, Novelist and Poet

Facing the future is anxious work for many of our students....

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sparkling lights

2 min read

The Future is Bright!

How do young people arrive at a point when they decide ‘what I want to do when I finish school’? This has been a passion of mine throughout my career...

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