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Reimagining Careers Education

Career Success

3 min read

Talking to Students about Space Careers

Heard on a New York sidewalk:

“Pardon me,” the man says, “can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?”

“Yes,” answers the maestro. “Practice!”


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A yougn woman in a black shirt seen from the back. She is in a grassy field looking at the horizon. There is a thoughtful mood to the photo.

3 min read

Making a Difference in the World (as long as it's in medicine or law)

I’m an optimist. But wow, that bubble has been a bit deflated reading the Monash Uni discussion paper, Young Women Choosing Careers: Who Decides?

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Feet in red shoes climbing blue stairs

3 min read

What Is Success?

We lack the tools that we need to make reasonable decisions for ourselves as we go through life. Traditional education doesn’t adequately prepare us...

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Girl with electric guitar

5 min read

Twisting Journeys

When I was in Year 4 I learned to play the guitar. 

Now, when I say learned, I mean that I got a loan guitar from the school band, was taught a few...

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