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Reimagining Careers Education

Career Education

Two cartoon cats watching a movie. The words Careers on Screen are above them and film strips behind them

4 min read

Careers on Screen

Recently we asked on social media what movies and TV shows people thought made great examples for career development (and why). We got lots of...

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A climber on a white climbing wall with colourful hand and foot holds and ropes

6 min read

Beware of the Shortcuts

The case for slowing things down when it comes to K12 Careers Education Traditionally in Career Development, it's all about efficiency -- especially...

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Three people on stools addressing a class of students. A woman in bright green is speaking.

2 min read

Designing a career development program: a case study

Recently we checked in with Andrew McEwan, Deputy Principal of Holy Spirit College Fitzgibbon, Queensland. Their experience can offer some insights...

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Two kayaks in a blue sea seen from above.

2 min read

Designing your life from the inside

We’ve written before about the three main pitfalls of careers tests. The kind of tests that promise to deliver The Answer, The Solution, The One True...

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A red heart on a white wall in sunlight and shadow

2 min read

Empathy and Careers Education

Prompted by a recent article in The Guardian, BECOME Education Consultant Grace Kinch, has been thinking about some of the surprises students may...

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A woman walks between two city buildings in the sunshine

2 min read

People must not be married at first sight to career options

First published in the Sydney Morning Herald, June 10, 2023. Narrowing down our options is probably the most common approach to decision-making. Its...

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A girl with a tablet smiles at her teacher

1 min read

The Most Powerful Thing you Can Do...

... before they leave Primary school. If you could give your students one big thing before they leave Primary school, something that would set them...

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The BECOME.ME app bridge for sport and pro sport

1 min read


The latest App update Next time you check in to the BECOME.Me app, you should be seeing the latest version, v4.0.

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Animation of an astonaut looking at two stars hovering above her hands

How to Design Your Future

BECOME and Clickview, the education and learning video specialists, are delighted to release the first three episodes in the new careers program, How...

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A young person seen from the back sitting on top of a rock looking over a valley at distant mountains

3 min read

Funding a Career Test Doesn’t Mean You're doing Careers Education

Why and how tests should be used with caution, and in context. This article by Liv Pennie was first published in Education Today, August 2022, and...

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